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Complete Collection of Colourful Invertebrates

Manado is famous for the friendly people, interesting culture, healthy culinary-delicious fresh seafood, beautiful girls and rich of nature above as well as under water.
Sulawesi is the largest island among the Wallacea – it is a biogeographical designation for a group of Indonesian islands (Sulawesi – Lombok – Sumbawa – Flores – Sumba, Timor – Halmahera – Buru and Seram) separated by deep water straits from the Asian and Australian continental shelves.

The marine waters of North Sulawesi lies within the Coral Triangle which holds all known coral species of reef building corals in each eco-region and a home of thousands of coral reef fish species.

Therefore North Sulawesi has all the advantages for many kinds of diving types and is a paradise for underwater photography-macro and wide angle as well, beyond the expectation !

North Sulawesi offers a complete menu-unusual small critters-coral fishes, pelagic fishes, hard and soft corals for divers and non divers.
It is always worth it to come back to this place !


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