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Brunei is situated in South East Asia on the island of Borneo, and is surrounded on all sides by the Malaysian province of Sarawak. Brunei itself is not one contiguous zone; it actually consists of two separate areas, about 30 km apart, and both bounded by the South China Sea and consists mainly of equatorial jungles interspersed with rivers. The country is divided into four districts – Brunei-Muara, the capital district; Tutong and Belait- the main reserves of oil and natural gas and Temburong – the area with acres of virgin rainforests. The Eastern part of Brunei is mainly coastal-lowlands that rise to a maximum altitude of 1841m at Bukit Pagon. The area to the west is also lowland, but relatively hilly in places.
Most of Brunei is still thickly forested, with prominent vegetation consisting of tropical hardwoods, orchids and a wide range of wild flowers and ferns. The forests have a lot of wildlife, too: monkeys and apes, deer, lizards, snakes and a huge number of birds have made their homes in Brunei\\\\\\\'s jungles.


This tiny oil rich sultanate is eyeing ecotourism as a means of diversifying its oil based economy, aspiring to attract one million tourists to its uncrowded beaches, rich coral reefs and pristine rain forests.

Unexplored and unknown to the world and now Brunei reveals ‘The Hidden Secret of Borneo’


The sheltered waters of Brunei Bay, and the coastal reefs of Brunei, have numerous readily accessible dive sites. Brunei International Airport to the dive sites can be less than 30 minutes. The warm, calm tropical seas are an attractive venue for beginners learning to dive, and for the experienced divers extending their skills. Brunei Bay is especially famous for its four wreck dives.

Apart from the intrigue of exploring these vessels, the wrecks support a substantial marine eco system. A dive on these sites is always an opportunity to see a diverse variety of marine life.

The Brunei Bay wrecks are regarded as the most interesting and accessible wreck dives in the region. Their close proximity to city accommodation and air links, and convenient when visiting Brunei. Weekend excursions from other regional centers are also very feasible.
The water temperature is around 25 to 28 degrees Celsius, all year round. Most diving is done in the morning, when sea conditions are at their calmest. The best period for diving in Brunei is from March to November, in the dry season. Diving still continues all year round with little interruption from weather.


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